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ROI Media Solutions has developed a suite of Online PPM Tools that help programmers understand and manage the key metrics that translate into revenue. Programming adjustments are meant to “move the needle.” But what moves the needle for the programming SHARE, doesn’t necessarily move the needle for sales & revenue. These tools give you the insight and actionable information on which to base your programming decisions.



Working hand in hand with the Online PPM Tools, we work with programmers to evaluate programming opportunities, both strategic and tactical. We evaluate the probability of a programming change resulting in increased AQH and whether that additional listening will translate into additional sales & revenue. We quantify the potential revenue increases. When changes are made, we benchmark the starting point, monitor the ratings and evaluate the results on a wide variety of metrics from QHxQH to Daily to Weekly and ultimately Monthly Ratings. We track those changes through to revenue.



PPM data allows programmers to track and evaluate programming at a refined level when you keep track of the variables within your control. These variables include marketing, promotions, in studio guests, special programming, personality changes, music rotation, competitors, market events and social media investment. How do these factors affect ratings over time? At which level do these investments become visible in the ratings system? Or not.

Go to Daily Data SPORTS Reports

Daily Data SPORTS Reports

Daily Data SPORTS Reports give the programmer an instant view of not only how the Play by Play is affecting the overall ratings, but which aspects are making the highest contribution. Home games? Away games? Certain teams? How are the time zone games working? What are morning drive ratings “game last night” versus morning drive ratings “no game last night”? How do various guests do in morning or afternoon interview shows? PPM data is granular enough to see the differences.



ROI Media Solutions has developed a series of reports that will detail your audience metrics at the individual Zip code level. You can even trend them over time. You’ll see which Zips contribute the most to your ratings. When combined with various other Nielsen data (Control Panel Report, Sample Reports, etc) as well as Census Data, you will have the information to optimize your media buys and precisely target your promotions. A variation of the report, when combined with engineering reports & maps, can be used to project audience opportunities for translators or additional signal coverage in market. The reports can be the foundation for business plans or proposals.

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Forensic Ratings Analyses

When the answer to ‘what went wrong?” isn’t obvious, it’s time to dig deep into the sample to find out what happened. At times, it’s just as important to understand ‘what went right?’ We look at sample placement, proportionality, any methodological changes, market factors and other information to get to an explanation that makes sense. We understand statistics, sampling as well as the inner workings of the PPM system itself and can explain & identify the differences between “bounce” and a trend. We have led the way in understanding how seasonal trends affect ratings.

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Industry Experts

Sometimes you need an expert with deep understanding of the industry to speak to the bank or a potential investor. Or to help write or revise a business plan. Sometimes you need an expert witness. The Nielsen PPM system plays a fundamental role in driving revenue for stations, clusters and groups. We can provide a clear, concise explanation or a dependable – and defendable – opinion. Experience & credibility.



Most often, success is judged by how the station revenue performed relative to the market. That is, by definition, a one dimensional view of a multi-dimensional environment. Our proprietary financial reports give you a more complete view of the station and marketplace. Key performance indicators provide context to understand precisely what are the driving factors behind the success – or shortfall.

We are now almost ten years into the PPM Era.

How have your tools evolved?

How has your thinking evolved?

ROI Media Solutions understands radio and we understand the PPM Ratings System.

Intimately. Inside and out.

ROI Media Solutions has developed a suite of powerful tools and reports to help guide programmers in their day to day decisions.

The information is actionable. It is accountable. It is powerful. It works in the real world.

It’s a result of deep understanding, industry knowledge and experience.

Learn how the ROIMS suite of Online PPM Tools can help take your station to the next level in the ratings AND in revenue.


Actionable Information for Program Directors to Make Real World Decisions
The Bridge from Radio Ratings to Station Revenue

ROI Media Solutions has designed & built a series of proprietary online tools & reports that keep clients focused on the key metrics that can quickly and most efficiently convert to revenue. We have refined the system in real world, on-air scenarios with many of the top rated stations in the largest (PPM) markets. Those are the situations where winning and losing is measured in inches.

Passive, electronic measurement gives us insight into how audiences use radio with a resolution and granularity that we have never had before. The immediacy of the feedback allows us to test and evaluate programming changes with unprecedented speed and reliability.

We have developed the system to evaluate potential programming changes and clock adjustments and project whether the moves will result in increased ratings. If adjustments are implemented, we benchmark the starting point, evaluate the change in key metrics and track the results right through to revenue.

Whether the challenge is a tactical approach to short term ratings or a longer strategic plan, our system is designed to guide you through the process with actionable information.



Partner | Managing Member
An industry veteran who has worked at all levels of radio – local, national & network – understands how programming translates to ratings and to revenue.


A 25 year executive with Arbitron with expertise in audience measurement and media research, marketing and product management, both in the US and internationally.


Senior Software Engineer
Experienced, high level Software Designer and Project Manager, with deep working experience with major domestic and international law firms as clients. Designed, built and maintained all of the ROIMS online tools and presence.


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